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Nata de coco is a white fibrous product made from the fermentation of Coconut Water reinforced with acetic acid, sugar, nutrients and Acetobacter xylimum bacteria.

A) Colour and appearance : White cubes in transparent sugar light syrup
B) Flavour available : Lychee, Coco pandan, Vanilla
C) Texture : Tender & fibrous

A) Acidity : 0.04% as citric acid
B) pH : 4.0 - 4.3
C) ┬░Brix : 12 - 14

Product Packing:
Packaging Gross Weight / Carton Packing No.Of Cartons Per 20’Fcl
Slim cup 5.78 24 x 220gm 1700
Big Cup 5.78 24 x 220ml 1960
Standing pouch 9.14 24 x 360gm 1300
Plastic Bag 13.0 12 x 1000gm 1350

Commercially sterile

Product should be handled with care at all times.

Shelf Life:
Product should be stored under cool and dry conditions.