Jackfruit Sticky Rice

Jackfruit Sticky Rice

Making these Jackfruit Sticky Rice & Kara Coconut Cream sauce with your own hands is really easy.

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Video @ Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ybrByFz2Q1Y


Ingredients (A)
120g glutinous rice
1 pandan leaf
10 pcs dried butterfly pea flower (soaked in warm water)

Ingredients (B)
125ml Kara coconut cream
2 tablespoon sugar
¼ tea spoon salt
6-10 pcs jackfruit
1 pandan leaf
1 table spoon rice flour

1. Soak glutinous rice in butterfly pea flower water for at least an hour.
2. Steam glutinous rice till cooked with a pc of Pandan leaf (30 – 40min)
3. While the rice cooks, prepare the coconut cream sauce. Mix ingredients (B) in a small pan and bring to a boil till a thick consistency forms. Set aside half the sauce.
4. Stir half the cooked coconut cream sauce into cooked rice and mix well. Allow to cool.
5. Shape rice into balls and slot into jackfruit with its seeds removed.
6. Pour sauce over jackfruit and rice and serve.

Serving: 3-4 pax
Prep Time: 1 hour