Pineapple Prawn Curry

Pineapple Prawn Curry

Level up your basic curry expertise with the equally easy Pineapple Prawn Curry, made extra creamy with Kara Coconut Cream.

Spicy, sweet, and most importantly, simple! 

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Ingredients (A)
5 pcs of large onion
3 cloves of garlic
2 cm ginger
2 tablespoon fish curry powder
1 cup/250ml water

Ingredients (B)
3 tablespoon cooking oil
2 tablespoon chili paste
1 tablespoon sugar

Ingredients (C)
200ml Kara coconut cream
1 slice of dried asam keping
Salt to taste

Ingredients (D)
½kg fresh prawns
½ pineapple, sliced

1. Blend ingredients (A) till smooth and set aside.
2. Heat the oil, stir fry chili paste and sugar till oil floats to the top.
3. Mix in the blended ingredients (A) and simmer till fragrant.
4. Add in Ingredients C.
5. Add in sliced pineapples and let it simmer
6. Add in prawns. If you like more sauce, add more water.
7. Let it simmer for another 2 -3 minutes. Avoid over-cooking as it will overcook the prawns.

Serving: 4-5 pax
Preparation Time: 30 minutes