Rendang Beef

Rendang Beef

Beef Rendang - the best and most authentic beef rendang recipe you will find online! 

Spicy, rich and creamy Malaysian / Indonesian beef stew made with beef, spices and Kara coconut cream.




  • 1kg Beef Meat
  • a bit of Kunyit Powder



  • 50gm Sugar
  • 25gm Dry Chili
  • a bit of Salt
  • 200ml Kara Coconut Cream
  • 50gm Kerisik
  • 10ml Cooking Oil
  • 5gm Ginger
  • 20gm Garlic
  • 50gm Onion
  • a bit of Lime Leaf


  1. Mix beef meat and kunyit powder and deep fry for 2 minutes. Dish out and drain.
  2. Heat the wok with oil. Saute the garlic, ginger, onion and dry chili until fragrant.
  3. Use slow heat cook the sauce in 20 minutes. Add in sugar, kerisik, salt and Kara coconut cream
  4. Add in lime leaf and beef meat, mix well and ready to serve.